A Month of Dinner

Dinner made easy.

Cooking dinner at home can feel like a CHORE! Trust me, I get it. I’m a mom of two little ones, my hands are full too. The planning, the grocery shopping, the expenses and the cooking, it can be overwhelming.

I also need ingredients that I can find at our small town grocery store. No crazy expensive or obscure ingredients around here!

This is why I wrote A Month of Dinner, to help make dinner easier for the person who's trying to get a good meal on the table. I want to help you cook at home more by saving you time, money and sanity!

A Month of Dinner is more than a collection of recipes, it's a tool in your kitchen to help make dinner approachable, affordable and delicious.

Let's get cooking
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A Month of Dinner is more than just a cookbook.

4 weeks of dinner and dessert recipes for a total of over 25 recipes per volume.

Pre-made weekly grocery lists that are budget-friendly and use ingredients you can find at any grocery store, no matter if you shop at Walmart or Whole Foods.

A “Pantry Staples” list of essentials to help you have a well-stocked pantry.

Weekly “Plan Ahead” tips to make the cooking throughout the week easier.

Coordinated ingredients to save you money.

Recipes that are easy to adapt for gluten-free and/or dairy-free needs.

The planning and work is done for you.

Love from happy chefs

It's an honor to be invited into your kitchen. Check out some of the kind words and testimonials from just a few of the happy chefs who are cooking with A Month of Dinner.

  • The best life hack

    "I was at a baby shower and was asked what my best life hack is and I said "A Month of Dinner!""


  • Spending has decreased

    "I will sing your praises! By using the cookbooks, my spending has decreased significantly and grocery shopping isn't as overwhelming. Thank you!"


  • A blessing

    "Thank you for taking the mental load of a healthy, at-home dinner off my plate. Your recipes are SO GOOD we haven't found a thing we don't like."


  • Excited for dinner

    These have brought me such joy to cook for my family using your cookbooks. I get excited for dinner now!


  • Picky eater approved

    "We are LOVING everything; the recipes are sooo good and I have a very picky eater to feed. It's helped us stick to our grocery budget, thank you for creating this!"


  • Cooking is FUN

    "Your cook books have made life 10x easier and actually make cooking FUN!! My husband said this is the best dish I've every made."


  • Small town friendly

    "I am LOVING A Month of Dinner! I live in a tiny town and it's so nice to be able to find everything I need without substitutes. My husband absolutely raves about the recipes!"


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