Never Say Never!

Never Say Never!

I said I would never start a food blog... never say never, right!

Larson Folkerts Let's Love to Cook

When I released A Month of Dinner, Vol. 1 in May of 2022, I thought a handful of family members and friends would buy the little DIY PDF to be nice. It snowballed quickly and here we are a little over a year and a half later with three volumes, two paperback books and some seasonal collections. All because of YOU! Your support is why we are here and why I'm writing this!! My family and I are forever grateful, and that's putting it mildly. 

I said I'd never start a food blog because I didn't want to be another fish in the sea. But I was looking at it from a "success" standpoint, a sink or swim, fail or succeed. I thought "no one will ready my blog when there are hundreds of more established food bloggers out there." And maybe no one will read this and that's okay!! Because now my outlook towards a blog has shifted and this is something for me.

Larson Folkerts Lets Love to Cook

There is no succeeding or failing because I have no expectations, no desired results, no interest in money or growth or any of that. This blog is a creative outlet for myself, as a busy mom and wife and homemaker. This is a place for me to share and write and connect with you. It's a place that's not Instagram with Reels, scrolling, views and allllll the noise that drives me crazy. I don't have a plan, I don't know how frequently I'll post, I'm not putting any pressure on myself. 

Here are a few things you can expect from this blog:

  1. I'm not going to write novels you have to scroll through to get to the recipe. You won't have to scan through my life story to get to the ingredient list. I promise. On other blog posts... no promises! I love to chat!
  2. I'm going to continue to be authentically me. What you see and read and my voice, it's all me! It's not going to be perfect by any means but it will be authentic.
  3. This is for FUN! There will be weeks I share a lot, there will be weeks I share nothing. My family and home are always my first priority and this isn't supposed to bring stress.
  4. I am not a professional!!! I ask you to please show me grace as I have no formal cooking experience, no culinary training, nada! If I make mistakes, if a recipe doesn't turn out, if there are errors, I apologize. I'm a huge people-pleaser so trust me when I say I will be 'freaking out' if things go awry.
  5. Kindness is of the utmost importance to me. You'll see that comments are disabled from all my posts. I could care less about SEO stuff or better exposure from ratings etc, and I'm already a little nervous as it is about how mean people can be out on the internet. Please be kind! Here, in life, to others, to everyone.
Larson Folkerts LLTC

I'm not sure what to expect or what lies ahead but welcome to Let's Love to Cook, The Blog. You'll find recipes, meal plans with pre-made grocery lists and more here for you in the hopes they're resources. I'll share new kinds of content too and re-introduce myself before too long for those of you who are new to this community.

As always, it's an absolute honor to be invited into your kitchens and I can't wait to keep creating and sharing recipes in the year ahead! Let's love to cook!